May. 30th, 2009

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Sitting in my hotel room going back over a hectic first day.
It was chaos, but this is my first con and I had fun.
I had no photo op or autograph session but I did see Jared and Jensen twice , first when they went to the bathroom, and secondly when I was on the phone squeeing to my niece and they passed me out!
Misha has been wandering in and out and being Misha and I think I might love him a little right now.
I cannot stress how ridiculously gorgeous all three looked.
Jensen truly is a beautiful man and so much more slender in real life than I realised, but a gorgeous man.
Jared had me choking on my tongue, man is he just god he is so gorgeous, so tall and wide without being too wide and that narrow little waist and he spoke to a friend of mine as he passed and that accent and oh man....
Tomorrow is when all the action starts, but I have met with loads from LJ and its such fun so far!


May. 30th, 2009 11:38 am
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Ok took a breather in the cool bedroom to come on here.
Boys looked great, Jensen is funny, witty and thinks fast. He got embarrassed a couple times when asked to do the eye of the tiger and such, you could see him look to Jared.
Jared is adorable, he is having a bit of a hard time understanding the english accent lol and its funny to see him look to Jensen and Jensen translating lol. Although when asked about D.I.Y. neither man had a clue what they were on about for ages and once they figured it out they made up their own initials for different things, took Jensen a while to get what D.I.Y. meant!

I love how easy going and chilled Jared is. How absolutely stunning he looks in person, cameras definately dont do this guy justice at all. He smiles a lot, he doubles over with laughter a lot, he keeps the atmosphere light.
Jensen stood up at the end and said to just get it out of the way, he has a blood shot thing in the corner of his eye as he had laser surgery done a week ago on his eye and he is fine, Jared didnt hit him, and it will be gone in about a week. He was just trying to kill any future questions on it.

At the moment I am still having great fun, love my Jared and Jensen, Misha is so good looking and pleasant.

You can see how relaxed they are with each other. The fondness they have for each other and the mutual respect and obvious chemistry they have . Anyone who is here and doesnt come away loving both of these guys just dont get it they really don't. Why fandom pit these two against each other is beyond me, always was before, but now I see it so clearly how much they really care and respect each other. They have this silent communication , only a look and they seem to know what the other wants to say or if they need the other to step in.
Will be back later to tell you more as it comes.

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