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Sitting in my hotel room going back over a hectic first day.
It was chaos, but this is my first con and I had fun.
I had no photo op or autograph session but I did see Jared and Jensen twice , first when they went to the bathroom, and secondly when I was on the phone squeeing to my niece and they passed me out!
Misha has been wandering in and out and being Misha and I think I might love him a little right now.
I cannot stress how ridiculously gorgeous all three looked.
Jensen truly is a beautiful man and so much more slender in real life than I realised, but a gorgeous man.
Jared had me choking on my tongue, man is he just god he is so gorgeous, so tall and wide without being too wide and that narrow little waist and he spoke to a friend of mine as he passed and that accent and oh man....
Tomorrow is when all the action starts, but I have met with loads from LJ and its such fun so far!

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