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Birthdate:Jan 10
Ok, me.....
Well My name is Peggy.
I'm 41 yrs old and married with four kids, 3 boys and one girl whose ages are 16,15,13,10 in that order.
My eldest child and Son has a rare chromosome disorder xyyy, it leaves him with slight learning disabilities and a ton of problems we are only discovering as we going along becuase so little is known.
I love my pc. I'm obsessed with the internet.
I got into the writing aspect not too long ago and still feel like I am only finding my feet there.
I love Supernatural, and the boys.
I believe in respect, no matter what you think of one of these boys, respect them, their wishes and their women.
If you can do that then add me and I will add you back....
Just remember, RESPECT.

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24., american country music, and 24 and jared padalecki!, and will generally read almost anything...., everything! mostly american country though!, garth brooks, jared padalecki., love to read, music, reading, supernatural, supernatural is my obsession right now
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