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Title: Cheyenne
Chapter: 7/?
Pairing:Jared/Jensen (eventually)
Characters: Jared, Jensen, Chris and a few others I am probably gonna throw into the mix.
Rating: pg.13
Summary: An actor looking to hide, a quaint cabin by a beautiful lake and an old ghost story.....

Beta: [ profile] chrysrocks I love you Christy!

Over the next few days Jared would appear at random intervals, scaring the crap out of Jensen when he did so. He never appeared at the same time, or in the same place, and Jensen was sure Jared was doing it just to keep him on his toes. It made showering a hell of an experience; Jenson washed as fast as he could, watching over his shoulder and never sure if he was disappointed or relieved when Jared never made an appearance The smile on Jared’s face when he did turn up told, Jensen that this ghost friend of his was enjoying tormenting him.

 As the days passed and Jared began to relax Jensen saw another side of the sad ghost he had learned to call friend. Jared was learning to trust him; he listened to Jensen, and he had almost quit doing that shimmery thing when he was upset. He smiled at Jensen a lot more; Jensen learned that Jared had a wicked sense of humour, a fact that didn’t help Jensen fight his growing feelings for the ghost.

God he was so screwed.

Jensen knew that Jared considered him a friend, and that it was the first time Jared had trusted someone for the first time in....Jesus, hundreds of years. Jensen felt like he was betraying Jared by feeling things he knew Jared didn’t want. Jared needed a friend, someone he could count on, someone who could help him get back to Bill. The thought made Jensen feel ill, but he was determined to put aside his own feelings and help this soul who had been suffering for so long.

Jensen had been forced to ask Jared what had happened after the night Bill died. He knew it was a crucial conversation, though neither of them wanted to have it.  Jensen suspected he knew the truth, and tried to prepare himself to hear it. It was hard to steel himself to hear about what had happened. It hurt his heart when he saw how Jared smiled, saying something deliberately provoking to distract him.  Jensen’s stomach clenched, how had he become so dependant so quickly on someone, much less a ghost? Jensen guessed deep down it had a whole hell of a lot to do with the whole soul mates thing that Chad’s Nan had spoken about. All he knew was that with each hour spent in Jared’s company he felt himself falling deeper into something he had no control over.

Jensen wanted to touch. His fingers tingled constantly with the urge reach his hand out and feel, but he knew he couldn’t....wouldn’t ever get to do that. He wanted to feel...oh god how he wanted to feel Jared’s hands on him, it was so bad he fantasized about it constantly, the longing that burned inside to just feel the slightest touch of Jared’s fingers on his. He wanted to kiss that mouth...those dimples that flashed sometimes, those gorgeous slanted eyes that changed colour with Jared’s mood. Sometimes the longing to just bury his hands his Jared’s overly long hair was too much and he would catch himself with his hand half raised and have to pull it back hastily. Then he would see a flash of something in Jared’s eyes.....he didn’t want to know or even try to decipher what the flash meant but oh god he felt like he was slowly losing his mind. He felt like he was a drowning man the life preserver floating just out of his reach, and with every damn hour that passed he could see more clearly the hopelessness of the situation he found himself in and his heart was breaking.

Jensen had no idea how it had all happened so fast, but he knew he was in love with Jared. Jensen couldn’t imagine how there could be a happy ending for him, and clinging to Jared’s presence just to ease his own pain was not fair.

No matter how it broke his heart.

He had to let Jared go.

 It was time.


The night was clear and warm as Jensen left his perch on the deck to walk around the yard, his eyes fixed on the cell phone he’d kept turned off until that day. He wandered around in search of a signal; he had to talk to a real person before he lost his mind

He needed to talk to Chris.

Chris was enjoying his first night off in two weeks. He had his 42” flat screen that was going to show him a great game of football, some cold beer and a couple of friends on the way over. His guitar was stowed away out of sight. He loved to sing and he loved that guitar, but tonight, tonight he planned on getting drunk and shouting at a screen. He was busy taking the cold bottles from the fridge and storing them in the large bucket of ice when his cell rang. Not even glancing at the screen, figuring it was Steve asking if they needed more beer he flicked it open and chuckled into the phone.

“Stupid question Stevie boy, of course we need more beer! Bring it on man!”

“Chris? It’s me.”

“Jensen? Jesus dude I should kick your ass man, I’ve been trying to call you and the damn cell was off!”

“Yeah sorry about that the cabin is out of signal area, I had to walk a ways to get one.” Jensen explained. Chris popped open a bottle and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, propping his feet up on the counter above him and taking a long swig replied,

“Well then how are things down there huh? I’d say you could be heading back up here anytime now man, you’re almost yesterdays news, they are busy taking some rapper apart for acting like a dick at an awards show.”

“Yeah uhhh I may be here a while yet Chris...that’s why I called actually, I need to talk to someone before I lose my friggin mind....” Jensen said. Suddenly Chris took note of the dull muted and tired tone of Jensen’s voice and sat up,

“Jen? What’s up dude? What’s happened?”  He demanded. Chris listened in total silence except for the odd breath or grunt, as Jensen spilled everything that had gone on since he had arrived. Chris could hear the pain in Jensen’s voice as he talked. The longing, fear and loneliness that came from falling in love with someone you shouldn’t have was evident in every word. Chris got up as he listened and moved to the bedroom. He pulled out an overnight bag, and began throwing stuff into it. After a while Jensen’s voice trailed off then went silent for a moment before he spoke again.

“Uhh Chris?”

“Yeah man, I’m here, keep going.”

“What are you doing Chris?” Jensen asked, the sounds of Chris’ activity carried clearly over the phone but it was impossible to tell what he was doing. Chris stopped in the process of zipping up the hastily packed bag and threw his hand out as if Jensen could see him.

“What the hell do you think I’m doing Jensen? I’m packing!” He exclaimed.

“Packing? Why?” Jensen demanded. Chris sighed with impatience.

“Jensen you have spent the last fifteen minutes telling me you’ve turned Haley Joel on me and not only that, you have finally, finally done what I’ve been praying to god you would do for years now, and that’s fall in love....” Chris told him

“I never said I was in love...” Jensen tried to protest but Chris talked right over the top of his protests.

“You don’t have to Jensen! I know you! Now normally I would be cheering you on and clapping you on the back and saying about damn time but Jesus Jensen, it’s a damn ghost!”  The tone of his voice made it clear exactly what Chris thought about that.

“Chris, I’m ok, you don’t have to come down here, damnit I knew this was a mistake...” Jensen said his frustration clear in his voice. He knew he was wasting his time.

“Like hell I don’t have to come down there! I’m coming, and we are gonna do one of three things. I’m either dragging your stupid ass home or we are gonna exorcise this ghost for good or I’m gonna find a way to kick  this ghost’s ass...or maybe yours too for bein’ stupid enough to fall for a damn ghost! I haven’t decided yet!” Chris yelled into the phone too furious with Jensen to realize exactly how what he was saying sounded.



“That’s four things dude....” Jensen said helpfully.

“Shut up. Just give me directions smart ass and I will talk to you tomorrow.” Chris told him disgruntled. He hung up the phone and threw back his head and sighed deeply before dialling Steve’s number to cancel their plans. He had no idea what he was going to do once he got to Cheyenne, he just knew his friend needed someone and he was going. If he had to knock Jensen out to get him out of that cabin and away from that fucking ghost of his then that’s what he was gonna do, but he was damned if he was would stand by while Jensen lost his mind.


Chris arrived in the early afternoon the following day and Jensen sighed in resignation, noting his friend’s set shoulders and the determined look on his face as he got out of the cab. Chris was bulling for a fight, but this time Jensen knew he had to stand his ground. Chris would have to suck it up or leave without him. Jensen had more important things to worry about. He knew it was no coincidence that he hadn’t seen or heard Jared since he had called Chris. More than likely Jared was off in some invisible corner sulking because he wouldn’t be the centre of attention for a day or so. Jensen smiled to himself at that thought, he would make it up to the kid; he knew just how to make him smile again.

All thoughts of Jared were temporarily put out of his mind however when Chris moved to meet him up on the deck and after the usual hand clapping and quick tight hug they stood back and grinned at each other for a moment.

“So, you drove all night huh? You hungry? I can fix you up something?” Jensen asked.

“Nah, I ate, but I would love a coffee if you got one going?”  Chris said. Jensen smiled and nodded, grateful for the excuse to move out from under Chris’ keen gaze.

“Sure, could do with one myself, come on.” He said leading Chris into the cabin. Twenty minutes later, after an uneasy silence as Jensen fixed the coffees; the two men sat in the cool kitchen and eyed each other over the mugs. Jensen was waiting, he knew Chris was biding his time, drinking his coffee and any moment now....

“So, a ghost huh?” Chris asked. Jensen couldn’t help the smirk that crossed his face at how easy it was to read his friend and took his time replying, deciding how to approach this.

“Yes. A ghost,” he said.

“Hmmmm” Chris took another drink of the strong liquid and nodded, his eyes never leaving Jensen’s face as he pondered Jensen’s short answer, it was a dance he and Jensen knew well. Jensen knew Chris was pissed and worried, and Jensen also knew that Chris was not above dragging him away unconscious if he had to. Chris knew Jensen knew the lengths he’d go to, question was, how much of a fight was he going to put up.

“So...he here now?” Chris asked. Jensen shook his head and remained silent and Chris’ lips thinned, this was going to be harder than he hoped, “He shy? Afraid of me?”

“Nah I think he is just selective. He has a good sense of people, can probably see what an ass you are, and won’t waste his time.” Jensen grinned.

“Smart ass...”

“I try.”

“Jensen, come dude, get serious here.” Chris admonished him.

“I am serious Chris, have never been more serious in my life. I know why you’re here and I’m not going back with you. I’m not going anywhere until I’ve helped him. I’m not playing these games with you now, so let’s just quit the ‘who is gonna be the thougher male shite’ and just....” Frustrated Jensen paused trying to find the words for what he wanted to say.

“Just what?” Chris prompted.

“Just fucking support me, ok? I know it sounds crazy, but it’s all true. I’m friends with a ghost, and I haven’t lost my mind.” Jensen said meeting Chris’ eyes earnestly.  “Jared does exist I promise you and...I just want to ease his pain you know? He...I’ve never seen anyone in so much pain before and I can help him. I know I can, but I don’t know if I can do it alone, could you help me, please?” Chris sighed and lowered the mug he’d been cradling; he eyed Jensen’s sincere face for a moment before lowering his head. Jensen’s grin flashed before Chris raised his head again.

“You are a damn fool Ackles, and I should knock you out right here and now and fucking drag you out of here before you get yourself committed...” Chris sighed and scrubbed his hands through his hair, “Ok say for the sake of argument that I believe this day dream of can I help?”

“Well there is nothing we can do until Jared shows his face again and I can get him to tell me the rest of what happened that night. So why don’t I show you around, and I can explain everything?” Jensen suggested.

“Sure.” Chris agreed. They got up and Jensen led him into the living room, during the quick tour of the cabin Chris noticed something.

 “Hey Jenny?” he said. Jensen rolled his eyes at the stupid nickname and gave a long suffering sigh.

 “Yes?” He asked.

“There is only one bedroom....with one bed,” Chris pointed out, “....where the fuck am I sleeping?”

“Well, you invited yourself down here dude, so you have a choice...” Jensen grinned “You can either share the bed with me, or, sleep on the couch there. Choice is yours.” He rocked forward on his feet where he stood and grinned widely at the scowl that crossed Chris’ face. This was another game they played sometimes, he loved Chris like a brother and he knew Chris loved him, but it had never been and would never be romantic and both knew this. But hell it was fun to turn the tables on the smug bastard sometimes and reduce the tough cowboy to an indecisive mess. He grinned wider and Chris’ eyes narrowed at Jensen.

“I’ll take my chances with the couch.....Jenny.” Chris grumbled. Jensen threw back his head and laughed out loud, before clapping Chris on the back good naturedly.

“Your virtue is safe with me Chris, don’t worry. Now, come on, I will show you around the outside. It’s beautiful, you’ll love it.” Chris followed Jensen out the front door, grumbling at how fast the smart bastard had managed to turn things around on him. He was supposed to come up here, kick ass and drag him back home, instead he was about to hear a goddamn ghost story, and worse still, help his fucking deluded friend with his ghost!

“I’m still taking my chances with the couch dude! Don’t trust you with my body tonight man, you’ve been celibate! And I know what you get like when you’ve been celibate too long!” Chris told him. And Jensen’s laughter rang throughout the house. Chris just smiled to himself as he followed Jensen out.

They walked around the property and down to the lake talking the whole way. Jensen repeated what he had told Chris on the phone. He pointed out the trees, and the lake, and the rocks. He recounted stories Jared had told him, he told him of his terror when he had first seen Jared and his subsequent meeting with Chad’s Nan. He drew the line at telling Chris about Jared being his soul mate, knowing that hearing that might just tip Chris over the edge and he really could do without the argument about going home, he was home.

The late afternoon soon turned into early evening and into nightfall before they headed back to the cabin and Chris treated Jensen to one of his delicious meals. One thing Chris loved almost as much as singing was cooking, and he was always happy when whipping something up out of practically nothing. So while he cooked and then they ate, the two men laughed and caught up, Chris kept Jensen laughing with funny stories and exploits of friends and other actors and soon they found themselves stretched out on the couch. Chris’ eyes were drooping, the previous night’s travel catching up with him. Jensen sighed as he watched his friend, Chris was being Chris, with his smart mouth and his tough talk, but he knew that his friend was going to do whatever it took to help Jensen through what he knew Chris thought was some kind of breakdown.

Damn but if he’d ever needed Jared to appear and make himself known it was now.

“Damnit Jared, where are you?” The whisper was fierce and low as Jensen glared around the room so if Jared was watching he’d see how pissed Jensen was with him.

“Come on dude, I know you can hear me! Stop with the sulking man and come out! I want Chris to know I haven’t lost my damn mind! I.....I miss you....” Jensen was almost pleading. But there was no response. He sighed again and stood up, nudging Chris awake before he brought out a spare pillow and blanket, bidding him goodnight. Standing in the middle of the living room as Chris barely acknowledged him before falling into an exhausted sleep, Jensen glared around the quiet room,

“Alright you ass! You win...I give up, you’re the boss...but when Chris drags me outta here cause he thinks I’ve lost my damn mind you will have no one to blame but yourself for acting like a damn kid!” Jensen hissed to the seemingly empty room.

 At two a.m. that morning Jensen was startled awake by his bedroom door bursting open and a white faced Chris silhouetted in the light.

“Ok....fuck Jensen ok! First thing in the morning we talk about sorting out this damn fool ghost once and for all! He has been fucking with me all night! And you can tell him from me if he comes near my couch again tonight and touches my blanket or tries to fucking tickle my damn toes Imma kick his ghost ass into the great beyond myself!”  Chris ranted obviously torn between anger and terror. He turned around and left. The door slammed shut and Jensen turned over grinning to himself as he fell back to sleep whispering, “Thanks Jared.”

He didn’t hear the whispered, “You’re welcome,” as Jared settled in for a night watching over this beautiful man who had come to mean so much.

chapter 8

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*snort* excellent :)

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Poor Chris! LMAO!

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Poor Chris! He just kinda walked into this chapter and took over on me!

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lmfao is it bad , that i want ghost jared, and jensen together?

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(is it bad I came across Kanye's heartless while looking for the same song by Kris Allen, and loved Kanye's version??*facepalm*)
As for the story, it was simply awesome. I loved so many of the references you put in there and of cox Jared's ass-hattery was beyond awesome. Chris is gonna be saying his prayers now ;P

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Lol I'm kinda enjoying the fact that Chris and Jared seem to have struck up this kind of relationship even though they have never met!
I am having some fun with these two.

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Wonderful! Such a nice easy friendship Jensen and Chris have. I don't have to tell you how much i love your Chris, always. :)
LOL Jared being a pest to Chris all night was hilarious ..poor Chris.
Hopefully they'll be able to think of something to let Jared rest...but poor Jensen if he helps Jared then he doesn't even get to have him in ghost form. It's really kind of sucky for Jensen all around. I'm really curious to see if you're going to crush my heart into little pieces at the end of this or just crinkle it up a little. LOLOL
Oh! like the new colours!
*Me too, I love pretty much everything music wise! It's bad cos liking everything, gets expensive. LOL

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I have been so lax in this but I am back on the way to completeing it now!

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Poor Chris he means well but he should really think things through.

I knew Jared woud be too afraid of Chris to appear but I love the idea of him messing with Chris, at least now Chris knows that Jensen was telling him the truth

Off to read Chapter 8 to see what happens next

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I'm a softie at heart and that last sentence brought more tears to my eyes. Jensen is winning over Jared's heart. *so happy* And Chris? is one funny dude. Serves him right for not believing Jensen.

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