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Continued from Part 1:

It was almost seven thirty that night before Jensen returned, but which time Jay had almost convinced himself that he had imagined the other mans interest in him. He winced slightly as he recalled how Jackson had reacted when he revealed he had forgotten to take the man’s name, he had been furious that they could be left with a truck that they couldn’t get rid of. But Jay had appeased him with the promise that he would pay for the repairs himself and even take the truck away if his hunch was wrong and the man didn’t return. So Jackson had fixed it, grumbling the whole time.

Now though, he sat in the dark office and wondered if he needed his head examined. Seriously, who the fuck hung around garages picking up men? Was his love life that stale, that bad? The fact that the other man had made his interest known and very obvious did little to appease his guilty conscience and he fidgeted uneasily and had just made the decision to leave when a voice called out from within the empty garage.


Jay’s head rose sharply, his eyes wide and the voice called out again. Rising slowly from the comfy office chair that Jackson used, he made his way to the office door and through the dim light of the garage he could see the form of a man hovering just inside the outer door.

“Up here!”

Jay moved before he changed his mind and met green eyes half way, before stopping just out of touching distance and just drinking in the sight of the gorgeous man before him. He was standing casually, wearing jeans and a dark t shirt, his hands tucked into the back pockets, eyes wide and staring right into Jay’s with such honest appraisal that Jay felt his heart clench.

“Look....maybe we should talk before...”

Any other words were wiped from his mind when green eyes suddenly pushed forward and slammed his mouth to his, shock rendering Jay speechless and frozen to the spot as the other man took control, hands running up Jay’s arms to twine in his messed up hair. Unbidden Jay’s mouth opened and a tongue dived in straight away, plundering his mouth and causing a groan to rise up and get swallowed by the other mans mouth. Long minutes passed as green eyes kissed and licked and sucked on Jared’s mouth and tongue before the need for air pushed them apart and Jay stumbled slightly as he watched a finger run across plump lips.

“God I’ve wanted to do that ever since I saw you bent over that engine today.”


“No buts....don’t talk....believe me you don’t want to talk us out of what we know we both want here.”

“But you don’t know anything about me! We know nothing about each other and...”

Two fingers placed across his mouth shushed him and green eyes smiled,

“We don’t need to know anything about each other, ‘cept that we are willing, able and consenting adults. I don’t expect you to call me in the morning and you know I won’t be calling you, so why don’t you just relax and take me to my truck or the nearest damn car and bend me over it and fuck me into next week like I know you want to?”

Jensen watched as Jay’s gold flecked eyes glittered, before something....primal flared to life in them and suddenly he was grasped in two strong arms and half carried half dragged to the back of the garage where two vehicles stood. To the left of the office stood his beat up old truck and to the right of it stood a car, he had no idea of the make and before he could even look sideways he was thrust up against it, his back hitting the hood of the car as he was thrown against it, Jay’s hard body close behind.

“You want to be fucked huh? You want me to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week without thinking about me? Ok....after all.....I would hate to argue with a customer...”

“Anyone ever tell you, you talk too damn much?”

Jensen’s heart beat a little faster and his dick stood a little more to attention at the grin that spread across Jay’s face. A grin that told Jensen he was about to get exactly what he asked for. One huge hand placed firmly against his chest, pushed him down until he was half lying on the hood and the other ran up Jensen’s leg and Jay leaned in slowly, so goddamn slowly that Jensen tried to rise up to meet his mouth halfway but was pushed back again.

Jay’s mouth ghosted over his face, across his eyes, placing tiny little kisses on the two lids before running down the side of his face to blow gently at his ear causing Jensen to groan out loud and tilt his head making Jay chuckle lightly and the hand on his chest moved upward to cup the back of his neck and his mouth travelled across to stop a breath away from Jensen’s waiting mouth. The hand that had rested on his hip slid under the light t shirt he wore and ran upwards until it found and pinched a nipple making it harden and a soft whimper fell from Jensen’s mouth and was quickly swallowed by Jay’s own as he finally oh finally pressed those warm lips to his.

He kissed him with no holds bared. Jensen thrust mindlessly against the large man half draped over him, two cocks meeting and hardening painfully in two pairs of jeans that were suddenly too tight. But Jared wasn’t letting go long enough to free them of the confines of clothes, not yet, oh god not yet. The feel of the man beneath him had his tongue devouring Jensen’s willing mouth and his own and his hips moved of their own accord, meeting and thrusting against hips that rose to meet him. He had no idea which one of them was groaning, maybe they both were, his nimble fingers played with the nipple they grasped before moving across to the other as their mouths separated gulping in air, hips still thrusting a little wilder now.

Damnit it was gonna be over before he even got started if he kept this up so he pulled back and taking Jensen’s hand pulled him to his feet. Panting loudly the two men stared with lust blown eyes at each other before Jared spoke huskily,

“We....too many” He tugged at Jensen’s t shirt and Jensen slapped his hand away stepping back slightly and never taking his eyes of the man before him, carefully stripped himself of his clothes. Jay watched, his breath caught in his throat as the mans glorious body was revealed to him at last and good god he was beautiful. Hardly aware of what he was even doing, he was so caught up in the man before him, Jay took off his own clothes haphazardly, completely missing Jensen’s gasp as his huge gorgeous body was finally revealed in his effort to be free of them.

Hands reached out and pulled Jensen in, groans of satisfaction filled the air as he was pulled tight against Jay’s hard body and two huge hands travelled down his back to run over the sexy curve of his ass and cup it possessively.

“God....I have wanted to touch this ass all goddamn day.”

Jensen laughed breathlessly as his lips sucked on Jay’s collarbone and he whispered against the salty skin, “Jesus Jay I hope that’s not all you wanted to do, cause I got plans for us....” Jay’s hand squeezed lightly and one hand ran back up his spine to curl at his head and pull him for a deep kiss, all the while Jared was walking him backwards toward the car again. Jensen let one hand wander down and wedged a hand in between them to grasp the cock that he had been day dreaming about since that morning. A grunt was uttered from the vicinity of his throat where Jay was currently marking the skin with little nips and bits and sucks and after a few tugs he stopped Jensen with a hand on his.

“Don’t....god don’t....wont last too much longer you keep that up.”

Jensen whined as his hand was tugged away and he placed little kisses on Jay’s neck and throat as he ran his lonely hand up a chiselled stomach and chest, stopping to cup and tease and pinch Jay’s nipple, lowering his head to meet his fingers and he sucked the nipple into his mouth and groaned like a whore as if it was the best tasting thing he had ever put into his mouth. Jay’s head fell back and his hands grasped Jensen’s head tight as he lost himself in the sensations Jensen’s mouth was causing to run through him. It wasn’t until Jensen fell to his knees and swallowed Jay’s weeping cock in one that Jay bucked and grasped him tight and pulled him off, pulling him to his feet and turning him around so that he was face down on the hood of the car.

“That mouth of yours is sweet, but if you want me to fuck you, you’re gonna have to quit that and behave you hear?”

Jensen grunted as he turned his face to the side, grinning at the feel of Jay’s hand holding him down by the back of the neck as his other hand began to explore between his ass cheeks, fingers dry and pressing insistently against his hole.

“ talk too much....uuuuhhhhh.”

Jay chuckled against Jensen’s skin as his lips sucked a mark into the back of his neck, “Later baby, later we are gonna shut that smart mouth of yours when you suck my cock dry.”  He moved his hand away and reached above Jensen pulling back with a tube of lube and a condom he hadn’t even seen Jay place there. His mouth worked its way down Jensen’s spine, nipping a bite into the curve of his ass as his hands worked the tube open and he slicked his fingers. Spending a few minutes mouthing over the glorious ass that was thrusting back into his face, Jay used his now slicked fingers to part the cheeks and Jensen gasped when a lubed finger and a wet mouth began to tease at the hole hidden there.

Time was forgotten as Jay used fingers and mouth to ready the writhing, moaning man underneath him, eventually working his way back up his spine to suckle once more at the mark left earlier. His cock, his whole damned body was coiled like a tightly wound spring as he draped himself fully over him, eliciting a frustrated groan and an impatient wiggle of an ass.

“Come on, goddamnit Jay come on....I’m ready....please.....”

Grinning at the please, Jay lined himself up and slowly thrust inside the tight hole, not once letting his barely restrained urge to thrust hard get the better of him for fear of causing pain. But Jensen was having none of it. Jay felt good, it hurt, it burned but god it felt so good and Jay’s slow thrust was too much and he moved suddenly and rammed himself back onto Jay’s cock making the other man curse and moan at the same time.

Jay finally got the message and pinning Jensen to the hood of the car with a hand placed firmly between his shoulder blades and the other reaching around to firmly grasp his cock, he began thrusting hard. Grunts and gasps and jumbled dirty words filled the air as both men moved, faster and harder, mouths meeting messily when Jay lay fully over him, catching Jensen’s mouth sideways, his hand furiously fisting his cock, determined to bring him off before he let himself go. Moving his hand from the mans shoulders he leaned up, thrusting all the while, and ran his hand back down over flawless skin to squeeze one globe and Jensen moaned aloud again, his throat hoarse and an edge to his voice as he called out before hot wet spurts ran down over Jay’s hand and he let loose, ramming in hard and fast, hips stuttering to a near halt as he filled the condom.

It took a few minutes before either man could move, Jensen was stiff and definitely sore, wincing as he moved from his position and dressed slowly casting glances at the bigger man as he did the same. The parting was stilted and uncomfortable, neither knowing what to say for the best. Both knowing that they had gotten exactly what they had come for and leaving more than satisfied. But that didn’t prevent the peculiar ache Jay felt as the man with the beautiful green eyes pulled away after a last kiss, a small smile playing across swollen lips, shushing the question he knew was gonna tumble from Jay’s mouth.

“Shhhh, it’s ok Jay, this was good, it was wonderful and worth coming back here for, and maybe...maybe I could swing by again sometime eh?”

He placed a finger over Jay’s mouth as he attempted to speak and kissed him one last time before getting into his now fixed truck and pulling away, leaving Jay bemused, sated and more than a little confused that a one off sex session had left him wanting more.



The week passed swiftly enough and Jensen kept himself busy, settling into Vancouver, reading the script they had sent to him for the pilot and definitely not thinking of the large floppy haired god he had had a chance encounter with. He couldn’t afford attachments right now, he was new to this place, and was about to start an awesome show and meet the other lead in a few days. He spent his days wandering the streets, either walking or in his truck and if he happened to pass the garage on his way then it was just coincidence. But he never saw Jay there again, no matter how slowly he drove past, but he shoved him from his mind and doggedly focused on the meeting that was now a day away.

The day of the meeting finally dawned and Jensen couldn’t have been more excited....and scared if truth be known. Everything hinged on Jensen and his co star getting on, and it was nerve-wracking waiting to meet his elusive co-star. At ten sharp that morning he was outside Kripke’s office leafing through a magazine restlessly when the man himself walked in and greeted Jensen with a wide excited smile.

“Jensen! Good to see you! Jared’s not here yet, kid can’t seem to keep time but he called and he is close, so we can go and wait for him inside ok?”

After greeting Eric, both men stepped into the office that he had borrowed for his time in Vancouver and settled with some small talk and coffees while they waited. It was a further ten minutes before the door burst open and a whirlwind landed inside.

“Oh geez I’m so sorry Eric, damn car broke down again and I called by Jackson’s place and....holy crap!”

Jensen froze on the spot and stared in shocked disbelief at the man before him.



Oh Christ no, sweet Jesus this was never gonna work. He should have known his night of madness would come back to bite him on the ass.


Judging by the look on Jay’ face he was as stunned and taken aback as Jensen and he whispered in an unsure voice, “It’s you!”

Eric being Eric was totally oblivious to the sudden tension, putting the change in atmosphere down to the first meeting of these two actors he was so excited about. Rising he clasped both men by the shoulder as they stood and stared in wide eyed shock.

“Jensen Ackles, I want you to meet your on screen brother for the foreseeable future, Jared Padalecki. Jared, this, is Jensen Ackles and I can already tell the chemistry is off the charts. This is awesome!”

What followed was the most uncomfortable hour in either mans life, as Eric babbled on about the show and the audience he hoped to pull in and the storyline he was hoping to cement in the first half of the season and neither man could get out of the office fast enough when it finally ended.

As soon as was politely possible Jensen escaped with Jared hot on his heels, the taller man catching him up in the parking lot just as he reached his pick up.

“Jensen! Wait! We really should talk about this man.”

Jensen whirled around and attacked, knowing he was wrong but needing to lash out nonetheless.

“Talk? About what Jay? Or should I say Jared? You fucking lied to me! You led me on! You knew who I was and you still went ahead and fucking seduced me....”

“Woah....oh hold it right there one seduced anyone. What were your words? Able willing and consenting adults? Fuck you over the car you wanted it as much as I did Jensen! Don’t put this all at my door now!”

“Well I didn’t know you were my fucking co-lead did I!”

“Neither did I damnit! Anyway I never led you on, you walked in and saw me working on my car and just presumed....”

“You didn’t stop me! You didn’t correct me!”

Jared considered that for a moment and a small smile played across his mouth at the memory of Jackson’s taunts and the blissful couple of hours he had spent in this beautiful man’s company. Looking at Jensen once more he straightened his face and replied softly.

“Ok point taken. I could have tried harder to tell you I wasn’t a mechanic. Jackson is someone I got to know very quickly when I moved here a month ago, Tom recommended the place to me and I kinda never left, Jackson was only too happy to let me tinker away on my own engine if I wanted....I’m sorry.”

But Jensen wasn’t listening, his brain focused on one name.

“Tom? As in Tom Welling Tom?”

Jared nodded and Jensen groaned, “I’m gonna kill the son of a bitch!”

At Jared’s questioning stare he continued “I’ve known Tom for a while, he knows what I’m like, I get pretty reserved around new people and I was kinda nervous about meeting you so, he must have recommended Jackson’s place knowing you were hanging out there. He must have thought if we met in neutral settings it would be easier for me.”

He was still contemplating murder when a stifled chuckle caught his attention and he glanced up to see Jared desperately trying to hold in a laugh that he hadn’t a chance of hiding. Frowning furiously he kicked out at Jared, meeting him squarely on the shin, earning a half yelp half laugh and he huffed “What’s so fucking funny man?”

Jared gave up and bent over in two, tears pouring down his face, he was laughing so hard and Jensen struggled to make sense of what he was trying to say but only catching the odd words here and there, his own mouth twitching as he struggled not to give into the merriment dancing in Jared’s eyes.

“Oh Jesus....” Jared gasped, holding onto his sides as he began to calm down, “Oh god, poor Tom....” Whatever thought he had in his head had him laughing again and Jensen couldn’t fight it any longer and his mouth broke into a smile and before long the two men were laughing heartily, leaning up against Jensen’s old truck, all tension forgotten in the laughter they shared.

“Oh Jesus Jen, poor Tom thought he was doing you a favour, thought us chatting over cars would ease the tension....” Jared wiped his eyes as he spoke and Jensen grinned at him and finished his thought for him “Yep, little did our Tom know what he started instead huh?”

Jared stilled then and watched Jensen with a sobering smile for a moment, “What did he start Jen? Where do we go from here?”

Jensen seemed to consider that thought for a minute or two before, with a serious look on his face he replied.

“Well, we go to work. We make the best damn television show ever made. We get to know one another better and.....”


He shifted then, looking around him for any potential witnesses before sliding closer to Jared and planting a quick peck onto his ear, his tongue dating out to lick, making Jared shiver. “And then, I seem to recall you telling me you were gonna shut my smart mouth with something....know what I think?”

Jared was wide eyed and totally lost in those beautiful green eyes that danced with mischief, “What do you think?”

Jensen grinned wide and moved away to the driver’s side of his truck, smiling a secret smile as he watched Jared move from the truck so he could pull away. Leaning over the open door he smiled wider and spoke, “I still think you talk too much....”

Climbing in, he peered over to where Jared stood, frantically trying to come up with something to say in return and as he pulled away he called out.

“I would have thought a tough guy like you would stop trying to think so hard and just concentrate on actually shutting me up. See you later Jared.”

He left then, leaving a dumbfounded Jared in his wake, and it was a good five minutes before Jared moved, a grin breaking out on his face as his brain caught up with what Jensen had been trying to say.

Oh yes, this was going to be interesting....very interesting.
                                                                                THE END


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