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Title:Chance Encounter
Chapter: 1/1 in two parts due to lj restriction
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: Nc 17, very definately Nc17!
Summary: This is a story I wrote for the very worthy [ profile] garvaldmains  for her birthday tomorrow. I love you Di, I would not be doing what I'm doing without your help and support. She asked for Mechanic Dominant Jared, with some sex, which totally freaked me out cause I have never written a hardcore sex scene before. Well this is my attempt, let me know how badly I fucked this one up ok? I hope you like the result Di and the liberties I took with the bunny once it was given me.
No Beta and banner provided By [ profile] garvaldmains  herself, for a story she hasnt read yet!


“Excuse me?”

Jensen wasn’t surprised the body buried under the hood of the car couldn’t hear him. The music blared at an unnatural level from the inside of the car, one of Garth Brooks rockier numbers if Jensen was right. He hovered uncertainly at the door of the small garage that Tom Welling had recommended when he started having trouble with his truck. He had driven it from Texas himself and the journey had obviously taken its toll on the old engine but Jensen was loathe to get rid of this baby, he had it for years and it held a lot of memories. Tom had tried to persuade him to splash out on a new one, now that he had his own show to no avail.

He had gotten word last week. He was now officially Dean Winchester, one half of a ghost busting duo, two brothers on a road trip, and smiting evil along the way. His co star had been cast, some unpronounceable name that his agent had rattled off over the phone but Jensen had been too excited to really take it in. All he had taken in was that after so long battling and fighting his way up, he had finally landed the co lead in what was going to be an awesome show, he was sure of it. The meet with his co star was set up for next week, allowing Jensen time to get up here and settled in. Tom had been here for a few years now with Smallville and he had been great, suggesting places to eat, somewhere to stay while he looked for somewhere a little more permanent and finally recommending this garage when his truck’s engine starting making noises no truck should be making.

So, here he was, standing like an idiot, his gaze now fixed on a tight ass that wriggled along to ‘Papa Loved Mama’ at top volume, long legs that seemed to go on forever were spread wide and Jensen’s gaze wandered back up those legs to the dancing ass, and onto a small waist with the upper body completely obscured by the raised hood. Grinning despite the unusual stifling heat for this time of year in Vancouver, Jensen decided to relax and just enjoy the view and leaned against the door crossing his feet at the ankles and folding his arms.

The song ended and launched straight into a raunchy Toby Keith number and the ass stopped for a second or two before taking up it’s dance again, this time an undiscernible voiced joined in from behind the hood and as enticing as the ass was, Jensen was curious about the rest of this particular body. He uncrossed his legs and moved to make his presence known when the legs straightened up and the ass moved from behind the hood and Jensen stood speechless as a muscled upper body dressed in nothing more than a sleeveless t shirt, moved away without straightening up and an unruly mop of hair turned to the side, calling into an open office door to the back;

“Jackson! I think I got it dude! I’m so awesome!”

The clearing of Jensen’s throat loud enough to be heard over the now ending song alerted the ass to his presence and the mop of hair cursed loudly as his raised his head too quickly, banging it against the hood he had forgotten was there. Jensen couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped and a greasy face smiled an embarrassed smile as a large hand rubbed the back of his head.

“Ahh hey, Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt your” Jensen smiled, openly eyeing the gorgeous body that was smeared in grease like something out of a ladies magazine, his gaze let the other guy know right off that he liked what he saw and the guy grinned back, reaching behind him for a cloth that he quickly wiped his hands on before moving to a sink off to the side and using damp paper towels to clean some of the grease off his face.

“No that’s ok,” The guy chuckled and stuck out a hand “I tend to get a bit carried away with the music sometimes.”

Jensen took the outstretched hand and his own was engulfed in a firm handshake and a frisson of electricity ran up his arm causing his eyes to widen as they met with a pair of gold flecked hazel eyes that held the same awareness he knew his own were showing. Pulling his hand back a little more sharply than he had intended he cleared his throat again and finally spoke when the guy made no move to enquire about what business he had.

“Uhh my uhh truck....I thought maybe you could take a look.....a friend of mine recommended you and I know the she is old but she’s been faithful and I’m sure you get what I’m saying.....I’m rambling aren’t I?”

“Jay? What’s going on out here? You scaring the customers again?”

A wide, well built greying man in his fifties emerged from the back office, his smile easing the threatening tone in his voice as he addressed Jay. Jay turned briefly, a faint blush reddening his cheeks as his arm gestured awkwardly to Jensen standing before him. Fearing that he had somehow gotten the taller man in trouble and sensing his discomfort, Jensen stepped forward, speaking quickly.

“Hi, look I’m sorry if you’re very busy, I was just explaining to your employee here about my truck and I was wondering if he could take a look at it. He wasn’t scaring me away.”

“My empl.....?”

“Yes! Yeah sure! Uhhh we can take a look at it can’t we Jackson?”

Jay was turned completely in Jackson direction now and Jackson’s brow rose in what seemed to be disbelief as he regarded the grease covered Jay. Finally after a moments silent communication, Jackson turned his gaze to Jensen, smiling widely now, a gleam lighting his blue eyes.

“Sure! Look I’m a little tied up in the office right now, why don’t I leave you in Jay’s capable hands! Right Jay? You can take care of this one for me right?”

“Uhhh I can? I mean...yeah I can! Uhhhh lets go ummm look then shall we?”

Jay stood back and with a wave of his hand allowed Jensen to lead the way out to where the truck was parked. He was sweating now and it had nothing to do with the heat and everything to do with situation he had managed to land himself in. Though watching the other mans ass as he made his way outside, any doubt or guilt he may have felt was quickly squashed by the overwhelming desire to run his hands down over the gorgeous rounded swell of the ass that teased him so. It was only when said ass swivelled slightly that Jared looked up to see that they had stopped and a pair of highly amused green eyes were watching with obvious interest as Jay had continued to ogle the mans derriere.

Blushing furiously and wondering wildly where all of his smoothness and charm had gone this morning, Jared sent yet another embarrassed grin his way and rocked back on his heels, his hands thrust into the pocket of his jeans.



“You gonna take a look at the truck or what dude? I mean, don’t get me wrong I’m quite enjoying the ahhh attention you’ve given me so far but I kinda need my truck looked at?”

“Right! Right....yeah...the truck....the ahh truck....”

Moving to the front of the truck Jay indicated to Jensen to pop the hood and spent the next ten minutes rooting furiously inside before emerging, wiping the back of a very greasy hand across his sweat soaked forehead leaving a trail in its wake that Jensen found suddenly very appealing, and he wondered how the skin would taste if he ran his tongue across the same trail. He silently vowed to screw being careful, he had spent the last ten minutes getting harder in his jeans than he had in a long time as he had watched Jay bent over the engine, and he wanted this man. He wanted to be the one Jay was buried in, he wanted to be the one bent over the engine, preferably with Jay buried so deep inside him that he felt him for weeks. So yeah....screw being careful, screw watching over his shoulder in case the powers that be found out his sexual preferences, he had an urge and by god if he was reading the signals right and he knew damn well he was, then this mountain of a man was feeling the same one and he vowed to have him.

So it was that look of pure unveiled lust that Jay saw in his face when he finally emerged and after floundering for a couple of seconds under the heat of the green eyed gaze he relaxed and grinned slow and wide causing a narrowing of said eyes as the unspoken question was answered.

“So....what’s the verdict? Is it salvageable?”

Jay’s smile never wavered as his now openly interested gaze took in the slightly bow legged beauty in front of him and he allowed his eyes to wander freely over his body as he answered.

“Oh yeah, there is definitely something to work with here. I’m pretty sure if I take my time and ahh....explore all the ahhh....ins and outs, you will find I can do a pretty damn good job of fixing your.....engine.....”

Jensen’s answering smile was wickedness personified as he answered Jay’s open gaze with one of his own, his eyes lingering openly on Jay’s crotch long enough to catch attention and watched with a widening smile as said crotch stirred. He licked his lips before tearing his gaze away and up to a mouth that was slightly parted and eyes that were fixed on the lips that were now glistening from his tongue. Feeling a recklessness he hadn’t felt in years, Jensen took a couple of steps closer to the man now leaning back against the hood of the car and stopped just a breath away from touching him and smiled again.

“So, I can trust you to do all the right things then? Am I leaving her in capable hands?”

“Oh yes, very capable hands, these hands have been known to do some awesome tricks to get an engine roaring again....”

Jensen smirked at the ridiculous line, but didn’t comment, he was loving this innuendo deal far too much to stop it now, so he reached forward and placed a hand on either side of Jay’s body and leaned in so close that Jay could feel his breath on his cheek as he whispered in his ear.

“Oh I’m counting on it big man, I’m counting on it.”

Jay swallowed and closed his eyes briefly before opening them to intense green eyes watching him closely,

“So....when can I call? To discuss what your intentions are.....with the truck....You work late?”

Jay thought frantically for a second before mentally shrugging and nodding, “Yeah, I will be here tonight....I got a few things to do so I will be here....alone....on my Jackson.”

Jensen grinned and stepped back allowing Jay to breathe freely while at the same time feeling a little disappointed.

“Ok then...I will give a call tonight....see you later Jay.”

It was only after he had watched Jensen saunter out of the lot and disappear that Jay realised he hadn’t even gotten the man’s name.

part 2

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