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Title : Anniversary.
Complete and posted in three parts because of size.
Pairing: Jared/Chris , with appearances by Jensen Ackles as the most awesomest friend ever! And Misha Collins and mentions of the Leverage cast.
Wordcount: 11,710
Summary: Hmmmmm.....Ok [ profile] billysgirl5  has this thing for this pairing and I promised her a fic, so her prompt was the two men in an established reationship, arguing over what to do for their anniversary. So I sat and thought and my mind ran away with it as usual and What I have come up with is this: Filming the new season is taking its toll on an already exhausted Jared, Jensen steps with the one solution he knows will help his friend.
Warnings: Ummmmmm....Ok all I will say is, trust me ok? I have never lied to you guys yet or led you wrong with warnings.....oh and angst....lots and lots of angst...
Massive thank you to my darling [ profile] garvaldmains  who read over this and made it better. She also made this awesome banner!


They were three weeks back into filming Season five and Jensen was already exhausted and felt completely wrung out. The first episode was in the can and they were half way through filming the second and the angst and revelations from the finale were being dealt with head on. He propped himself up against a tall chair and watched as Jared filmed a scene with Jim.

If he was wrung out then god only knew how Jared was feeling. These first four or five episodes they already knew would be dealing heavily with the fall back from Sam’s actions during the last season. As with everything else Jared did, he was throwing everything he had, and then some into the withdrawal Sam was going through, the grief and the regret Sam was feeling. Dean and Sam were both dealing with the aftermath but Sam’s storyline was now front and centre as Sam was pulled deeper and deeper into self doubt and self recrimination and then dealing with both brothers struggling to repair the damage done to their relationship.

The scene right now was Sam’s first meeting with Bobby after knocking him out to escape in the final episodes of season four. It was a heavily emotional scene with Sam guilt ridden and teary and Bobby cussin’ Sam out and lovin’ him all at the same time. It was only another scene in what had been for Jared a long run in the last few weeks of heavy scenes and Jensen could tell that it was starting to take its toll on Jared. The big man was a wreck. As was usual when Jared felt this kind of deep emotional turmoil that only Sam could cause him to feel, he was silent. More and more he was pulling into himself just as Sam Winchester tended to do to shield himself, a flashing warning sign to Jensen that Jared was experiencing serious character bleed.

He shifted from on foot to the other as he watched Sam Winchester fall apart in front of Bobby and his heart broke for his friend as he watched genuine tears fall from tired eyes. Jared was exhausted. He wondered again if he should go over Jared’s head and call Chris anyway. He thought back to the conversation he had with Jared earlier. The same one he had been having with him for days. Jared needed Chris, but the damn stubborn ass just would not give in and call his lover to let him know how much he was struggling. Chris was busy he insisted, knee deep in the process of finishing off filming season 2 of Leverage and last thing he needed was Jared moaning down the phone just cause he couldn’t handle a couple of emotional scenes.

But it was more than that and Jensen knew it. Jared had had a tough hiatus. Chris had been filming all during Jared’s break making it almost impossible for the two men to get away alone just for a little holiday. Then he had the incident of the over excited male fan at the LA con groping him and genuinely scaring Jared half to death. Even now Jensen’s fists clenched in rage at the memory of Jared’s normally animated face, white as a sheet in shock. That had been enough to subdue Jared for weeks. Jensen sighed and fingered his cell phone in his jeans pocket as he thought back to Jared’s sudden flight home from the break Jensen had insisted he take with him in Europe after he had gotten the call that his father had taken ill suddenly.

Yes it had been a fucking tough summer for Jared, and the relief of getting back to work and a familiar routine was short lived, even though he was aware that Jared was pulling every last emotional string he had and using the shit that had been thrown his way this hiatus to fire Sam’s angst. Couple all that with Chris being so busy and the obvious strain on the relationship that being apart so much caused, and Jared was at a point where he didn’t know which way was up. If only they had a light hearted episode coming up, it would be a way for Jared to work the character bleed out of his system but they had gotten a quick rundown from Eric and there was no relief in sight a while yet.

Spotting a look on Sam’s face that only someone as close to him as Jensen could recognise as Jared just about reaching breaking point, Jensen made his decision and slipped away quietly phone in hand, as Jim spoke quietly to Jared, hand on his shoulder as they were given a five minute reprieve in filming. It was almost two in the morning but Jensen was past caring, Jared was struggling and if he had to go drag Chris up here himself he was going to damn well come up here right now to the man who needed him.


One Week Later:

Jared wearily crawled out of the passenger side of the car and bid Cliff a warm if exhausted goodnight. He was so damn tired he was surprised he wasn’t on all fours entering the dark house. Jensen had finished hours ago and had come home before Jared citing exhaustion. Sadie and Harley rushed ahead of him as soon as he opened the door and disappeared into the darkness, only the sounds of their nails sliding across the floor as they rushed for their bowls in the kitchen giving Jared any indication as to the direction they were headed.

Five days off. Jared smiled at the thought of five whole fucking days to himself. No set, no emotional scenes, no tears, no anger, no nothing. Just him and his dogs for five whole blissful days, he knew Jensen had something to do with the fact he was getting so many days together, he knew Jensen would most probably work himself into the ground for the next five days just so Jared could have the time he so badly needed at this moment, and he had never loved anyone like he did his best friend for doing this for him.

 He had considered going home to San Antonio for a few days but truth be told he was exhausted and barely functioning he was so strung out from the last few weeks, he knew his Mom would take one look at his face and have a fit, declaring war on Kripke and crew as only a mother could for over working her son. His thoughts ran to Chris, Jesus he would love to have him near right now. Things had been strained between them, but it was only the distance and lack of time they had with each other that was causing the damage. He knew if they could just take a few days, just a couple days a month even and just take the time to reconnect they would be great.

He loved that man with a passion he had never known he possessed and Jared was a passionate man. Chris was gorgeous, funny, and fiery and what he lacked for in height he made up for in an adventurous spirit in the bedroom that never failed to steal Jared’s breath. Turning on the light in the kitchen he reached into the refrigerator and took a long drink of orange juice from the carton before replacing it and making for the stairs. He considered a shower but changed his mind quickly, opting to head straight for his bed and think about showering in the morning. Trudging up the stairs wearily, his thoughts ran back to Chris and despite his tiredness he smiled to himself.

Their connection and attraction had been instant. It had taken Jensen 12 months to introduce them, time and circumstances having constantly caused them to be at different places each time Jensen attempted a meet up. Finally when thy had been introduced, despite the pull of attraction and a chemistry that rivalled Sam and Dean’s, nothing was attempted for another two years as Jared had Sandy and Chris had been playing the field in a massive attempt to keep the large Texan from his mind.

It had all come to a blazing and scorching hot encounter one night about four months after Jared and Sandy’s split, when Jared and Jensen had met Chris and Aldis in L.A. and celebrated the pick up of their show Leverage. Aldis and Jensen had rolled their eyes and with much ribbing and joking flowing between the men had finally let them alone in Chris’s L.A. apartment and the rest as they say was history. Jared had never looked back since. Chris had been his first and only male lover and despite having messed around in his younger days, Chris wasn’t exactly experienced in the field either. It had been tough, it had been joyful, and it had been downright fucking blissful in those early days. Learning more about each other, what turned each other on, and how slowly they took things until they were both settled and comfortable enough to take it to a level they had both been more than ready for.

Chris was still at the front of his mind as he opened his bedroom door and made his way in the dark to the bedside lamp, opting to turn that on rather than the glaring of the full light. He almost jumped his own height when he turned toward the bed after flicking on the lamp to see the object of his thoughts sitting on the bed, fully clothed, and leaning back against the headboard, legs crossed at the ankles and arms folded across his chest regarding Jared coolly.

“Jesus Christ Chris!” Jared clutched his chest, his heart hammering as he calmed down “You scared the shit outta me man!” His eyes were wide as his breathing once again came under control.

Sitting on the edge of the bed nearest Chris who still had to utter a word, Jared leaned in for a kiss, which was coolly received before pulling back with a frown. “What are you doing here dude? I thought you were busy for the next month or so trying to wrap up the last few episodes?”

Chris regarded Jared for a few more seconds, taking in the pale pallor to his normally glowing complexion, the dark circles under normally bright eyes and the tense lines around a mouth that was usually set in a permanent smile. His eyes narrowed as he fought to keep his temper under control, remembering Jensen’s promise of a severe ass kicking if he did anything to make matters worse for Jared right now. But damnit he was fucking pissed!

Jared had not told him one word about what he had been going through, not fucking one! Oh he knew Jared’s reasoning for it. He didn’t want to burden Chris when he was already so busy...yeah yeah fucking was about time Jared realised once and for all that Jared was his business, that everything Jared was going through, the good and the bad was his business. He was going to learn; once and for all that Chris was a grown man who could take the bad with the good.

In a move that never failed to work, Chris lunged and had Jared pinned underneath him in seconds. Chris may be inches shorter than his lover, but he was strong and had learned some awesome moves in his time on Leverage and the fight trainers he had there. Now he sat snugly on Jared’s lower body, legs wrapped and snugly trapping Jared’s own, Jared’s arms firmly pinned underneath as Chris glared down at the confused man underneath him.

“Chris? What the fuck is going on man? You gonna talk at all or do I have to play a game of charades to find out?”

Chris smirked and Jared Gulped inwardly, uh oh....Chris was pissed....that smirk told him he had really done it this time.....he just had to figure out what it was he had done.

Sitting back and leaning heavily on Jared’s crotch area, Chris once again folded his arms and regarded Jared, trying to find the right words to let  him know just how fucking angry he was without Jensen coming and kicking his ass from here to next week. He knew the position he was in now, Jared could easily move him off, but he also knew that Jared was aware now that something was up and he was, for the moment, letting Chris sit where he was.

“You know Jared, I thought you knew better man.” He leaned down suddenly and grabbed Jared’s face between his hands, leaning so close Jared could feel his breath on his face. “I don’t know what you were thinking, trying to keep stuff from me, we know each other long enough dude. We are together almost a year for Christs sake. You gotto talk to me!”

“Chris...seriously....I have no idea what is going on in that head of yours....”

Chris leaned in; unable to resist taking Jared’s mouth with his for another second, damn he had missed him! He pulled back after a few minutes and stared into Jared’s eyes now wide with lust.

“Bullshit Jared. You know exactly what I’m talking about! I had to get a call from Jensen to tell me you were having a tough time? I had to hear it from our friend that you were near exhaustion? That you were struggling to hold it together, the strain you were under? That you needed me here?”

Jared closed his eyes on a groan “That son of a.....I’mma kick his ass I swear I will!”

“No you won’t, he was worried about you, and damn near ready to throttle me for not coming up here! Jesus Jared, don’t you know I would drop everything if I knew you needed me here? Fuck Jared!”

Jared turned his face away, too tired to argue, too tired to move Chris off of him, like he knew he could. “I know you would Chris, that’s the problem.”

“How in God’s name is that a goddamn problem?”

“’Cause I don’t want you dropping everything for me, just ‘cause I can’t cope! You have worked so hard, for so long to get what you have now Chris.....I just don’t want to be the cause of you fucking it all up! You deserve it all.....I’m ok.....I swear I’m ok. I got a few days now and.....” He narrowed his eyes at Chris “Did you have something to do with me getting these days off? Did you and Jensen discuss poor Jared who couldn’t cope and go running to Kripke?”

This time he did move, effortlessly moving Chris from his body and sitting up and walking away to stare out the bedroom window, willing his temper down. He was just so damn tired....he shouldn’t be taking this out on them.

Chris’s arms snaked around his waist from behind and he felt Chris leaning up and in, to plant soft kisses on the back of his neck.

“We didn’t go runnin’ to anyone Jared. Jensen was just able to get his shooting days put together so you could have some time off to spend with me is all. I have a few days coming to me anyway, so we fixed it that you would be free to spend a few days with me and we could unwind together ok?”

The fight went out of Jared just as quickly as it has reared its head and he turned around and pulled Chris to him. “Doesn’t matter.....God I’ve fucking missed you Chris!”

Chris pulled back and grinned “Good! Now that we have that settled, come on dude, you’re dead on your feet and I’m kinda wrecked too, lets go to bed huh?”

Jared smiled “Now that’s the first fine idea I’ve heard a day.”

Within minutes both men were stripped to their boxers and Jared was almost asleep wrapped around Chris as the older man idly ran his fingers through Jared’s wayward hair. He chuckled deep in his chest and whispered “Keep growing your hair this way dude and we will both look like women.” He smiled and gently kissed Jared’s forehead causing Jared to smile softly, eyes closed as he slipped into a deeper sleep.

“You look like shit man, you gotto take more care of yourself, I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you Jared. Fuck but I love you so damn much, ‘n’ you can’t keep these things from me, it’s what I’m here for.” Chris’s words were whispered into Jared’s hair, Jared by now fully asleep, and Chris gave into the pull of sleep and both men finally slept soundly.


Waking the next morning, Jared blinked wearily, usually one to be up and energetic at an early hour, it was a sign of how emotionally and physically exhausted he was that he took several minutes to blink awake and realise he was not alone. Focusing on the body sprawled next to him he smiled and marvelled at how someone who was inches smaller than him could manage to take up most of Jared’s huge bed. He spent the next ten minutes turned on his side watching as Chris slept on, his hair falling into his face as he lay on his stomach arms tucked under the pillow under his head. Eventually lifting his hand, Jared supported his head with his other hand and lightly brushed Chris’s hair from his face, a soft smile easing the tired lines on his face.

“You know, if I had known months ago how you got your kicks just watching me sleep, it would have spared me a whole hell of a lot of energy kid.”

Jared chuckled lightly at Chris’s grumbled words and leaned down to brush his mouth over his ear, licking and sucking his way across his face, Chris unconsciously moving his head to accommodate him.

“True, but would have missed my awesome mouth on you.....and that’ much more fun don’t you think?”

Chris turned over onto his back and grinned up at Jared as he continued on his quest to claim Chris’s mouth with his. Letting Jared lead the kiss for a few minutes, getting lost in the feel of Jared’s tongue exploring his mouth, he eventually pulled back thrusting his hips lightly so his cock brushed Jared’s thigh he smiled.

“Hmmmmmm yeah.....I think......” Chris moaned as Jared moved down to his throat and nipped his way across his neck headed south “I think you might need to remind me just what I’m missing out on then huh?”

Jared lifted his head long enough to smile seductively up at Chris and replied in a low voice “Oh baby, that’s just what I intend do to.....”

“Oh keep that up and.......nnnnngggghhhhh......god I wanna fuck you Jared and you keep that up and this is gonna be over before.......God........”

Jared’s mouth made a deliciously obscene pop as he let go of Chris’s cock and he grinned, “We’ve got all day fact....” He lowered his head and suckled some more before lifting his mouth again “In fact....we’ve got days.....” Lowering his mouth onto Chris’s cock again he swallowed him to the base, sucking and licking for a seconds before letting go and looking up at Chris through shaggy bangs “For now.....I’mma suck you until your brain leaks out your just hang on in there old man and let me have my fun....”

Chris thumped his head back onto the pillows and groaned as Jared once again latched his mouth onto his cock and proceeded to do just that.


The rest of the day was spent alternating between the kitchen and the bedroom as Jared and Chris spent the day reacquainting themselves with each others bodies in ever way possible, stopping only to nap or run to the kitchen for quick snacks to take back to bed. By evening, Jared was thoroughly fucked and sated and Sadie and Harley refused to be ignored any longer. Kissing Chris one last time, he dragged his pleasantly aching ass out of the bed and into a shower before taking the two bored dogs out for a well earned run.

He found Chris in the kitchen when he returned well over an hour later with two tired dogs in tow. Slipping up behind Chris as he busily prepared dinner with whatever food he could find in the bare cupboards he slid his arms around his waist and bent down licking his neck and nipping, breathing in Chris’s scent deeply and sighing contentedly. Chris stopped what he was doing to rock back against Jared and smiled as Jared whispered softly in his ear, “Did I tell you how fucking glad I am that you’re here?”

He turned his head and kissed the taller man briefly and shook his head, “No.” Jared laid his chin on Chris shoulder and continued to rock them gently and sighed, “I’m so glad you’re here. I might just kiss Jensen when he gets in....he should totally go against my wishes more often.” Chris couldn’t keep the smile from breaking out on his face once more, it was all he ever seemed to do whenever he was with Jared, and made all the strain on their relationship seem so small when they were together, “I’m glad I’m here too Jared....but.....”


“The only man you’re kissing round here is me got it?”

“Got it.” Another soft kiss and Chris gently pushed Jared away “Good now go shower again dude, you stink. Dinner is almost ready and Jensen is finishing early and I think he has earned a damn good dinner Chris style don’t you?”

Jared reluctantly let go of his lover and headed for the shower grinning over his shoulder as he went “I knew I kept you around for a reason old man....your cooking skills.....”

“Yeah we will compare skills later’ve got a lot to learn yet!”

Chris chuckled to himself as he heard Jared’s bark of laughter, imagining the way his head would be thrown back as he headed for the bathroom for his second shower of the day. God he loved that kid. He was still grinning to himself ten minutes later and adding the last touches to a fine meal even if he did say so himself; when the front door opened and shut and Jensen showed in the kitchen doorway. Looking up at his old friend framed in the door Chris grinned wider effectively easing the tense set to Jensen’s shoulders.

“So he isn’t ready to kill me then? For contacting you?”

Chris approached his friend and drew him in for a brief hug, slapping on the shoulder as he handed him a three plates to lay on the table, “Nope, he mentioned something about kissing you though.....”

“Oh god....that’s so much worse.”

“Hey! I will have you know people far and wide have been known to fall head over heels for me after one of my kisses don’t know what your missing.”

Jared clapped his hand on Jensen’s shoulder as he leaned over him to dip his finger into the gravy boat and sucked on his finger humming appreciatively and Jensen groaned under the weight.

“Jesus get off me you big kid!”

Jared grinned across at Chris and smacked a kiss to the top of Jensen’s head and laughed out loud when Jensen ducked out and away before he got any more ideas, mock frowning at his friend. But he couldn’t keep his lips from spreading into a smile at the sight of a relaxed and content Jared and the rest of the meal was spent with much laughter and tales, with Chris recalling Aldis’s latest mishap on the set and Jared and Jensen filling Chris in on their latest prank gone wrong making the three men laugh until they had to wipe tears from their eyes.

After dinner, Jared insisted on cleaning up while Jensen and Chris grabbed a few beers and their guitars and headed for the sitting room, sprawling across chairs and soon enough the sounds of two guitars picking out some random tunes filtered through. Jared felt an immense peace just spread over him as he quickly finished up so he could join the two men. He felt more at ease and just plain old relaxed than he had all through hiatus which had turned out to be pretty much a nightmare. Quickly putting all thoughts of the summer and the last few weeks work from his head, he dropped the towel he was using and grabbed a cold beer and joined the men, plopping himself on the floor at Chris’s feet, leaning his head back against his legs and closed his eyes and listened as the two men played guitar and threw out a few songs easing him into a thoroughly relaxed but light sleep.

Chris stopped playing and gently put his guitar aside, careful not to disturb the man whose head now fell back between his legs and gently running his fingers through Jared’s hair whispered softly to Jensen, “Thank you.”

Jensen quietened his own guitar and regarded the two men in front of him with a smile. “For what?”

“For everything...for looking out for him, for being his friend, for being mine.....just thank you....for him.”

Jensen’s smile softened at this tough mans words, “My pleasure dude.” A minutes silence followed before Jensen spoke again. “He adores you Chris, you know that right?” Chris looked up then and nodded silently, his throat closing at the thought. “How did I ever get so lucky Jensen? He just......”

“You both got lucky. Jared wouldn’t cope without you in his life now. You should have seen him these last few weeks, even I would find what they were expecting of him too much and he coped so well....but it was really starting to show in him you know? He was withdrawing, just like Sam does and.....that’s just not Jared. But it doesn’t matter now, you’re here dude and you are just what he needs, and when you guys go away for a few days next month for your anniversary it will mean the world to him, he needs that.”

Chris winced slightly but Jensen caught it and frowned. “You are going away right?” Chris looked away guiltily and Jensen rolled his eyes in frustration “Dude! He has been looking forward to this all summer! You promised him man!”

Jared snuffled and turned his head into Chris’s leg and slept on and Chris flushed guiltily before looking up into Jensen’s angry face, “It’s just.....Steve has organised this whole reunion gig man.....I have let him down enough Jensen.....I have to do this.....I don’t want to let him down’s Steve!”

“What about Jared? What about the man you love? You’re letting him down! Again, I might add! He spent the summer almost totally alone dude ‘cause you were busy filming and he never complained, not once. His dad got sick and he coped and didn’t moan at you cause you weren’t there for him, and he had a sick fan grope him so badly the dude was arrested and he still never complained! Now he has spent the last three weeks filming nothing but really heavy scenes and goddamnit Chris, he deserves the break he has been planning with you!”

“I will talk to him alright? I will sort something out.”

Jensen shook his head and rose. “I’m tired and I’ve got long day filming tomorrow. I’m heading to bed. Just......sort it out Chris yeah? You keep forgetting you have Jared to think about now.....he deserves better than second fiddle Chris.”

Chris sat in silence for a few minutes after Jensen left. Jensen was right, he knew that and he felt so damn torn. He loved Jared but he hadn’t seen Steve in what felt like forever and he really wanted to do this gig. Surely Jared would understand? He would talk to Jared tomorrow and get it all sorted, they would sort something out, he was sure of it. Sighing he ruffled the top of Jared’s head, gently rousing him and whispering nonsense into his ear as he steered the exhausted man to the bedroom. Jared barely stayed awake to strip and collapse into bed, murmuring apologies tiredly as he sprawled himself over Chris and slept on.


Next Part

Date: 2009-06-12 01:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Poor Jared... he is just sooooooo tired...

*hugs* xxx

Date: 2009-06-12 03:02 pm (UTC)
ext_19743: (Default)
From: [identity profile]
It's done?! I'm so excited!

I was thrilled when Jensen called, and Chris came running. He was being so sweet and caring, kind and attentive, and now, he's gonna be an ass and break Jared's heart by canceling their anniversary. Idiot.

*on to next part*

Date: 2009-06-12 04:45 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Oh!!!! You wrote a Jared/Chris! OMG girl I almost fell over when I saw this. I'd bake you cookies or something if I was any kind of cook. LOL
Great beginning and I love that Jensen phoned Chris to come take care of Jared.

Date: 2009-06-12 10:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Here I was. ready to post a comment filled with "awww" and"awesome" etc etc, and then the angst explodes in the last paragraphs!! No fair! I was supposed to go to sleep, too, but no I have to keep evil woman you!

It's still exellent though, really. Jared/chris rocks!!!

Date: 2009-06-13 03:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
WOW Mags you are gonna break Jareds and my heart again, right??
You evil woman!!

Great story.
I´m so glad Jensen called Chris, poor Jared need someone to look after him.
Well on with the heartbreak...


Date: 2009-06-15 08:24 am (UTC)
ext_37213: (Default)
From: [identity profile]
I'm sooooooooooo late!
Damn it!

I love this first chapter! Jared/Chris makes me sigh..
Thank you for this! ♥

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