Jul. 5th, 2010

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Title: Love Lives On
Characters/ Pairing: Jared/Chris, Mentions of Jared/ofc, Jensen/ofc, Steve Carlson and guests.
Chapters: 1/1
Wordcount: 5,360
"He had never told anyone. It was a secret he had never divulged, not even to Chris. How Jensen had unknowingly saved Jared’s life. He had felt like he had nothing left. His marriage was a shambles and his wife had just walked out on him telling him to man up and admit to himself he was gay. "
Warning: Ummmmm angst? Lots and lots of angst...oh and this is a Deathfic.....someone will die...mentions of Leukaemia and illness, be warned!
Authors Note: Written for
[info]billysgirl5 , this whole fic is in fact her fault. She emailed me the other night shortly after I completed Second Chances, with these two songs: "Love Lives On" by Mallary Hope and "The Call" by Matt Kennon. I told her what happened after I heard them was her fault so you got issues....go hurt her...lol....



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