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Title: Cheyenne
Chapter: 3/?
Characters: Jared, Jensen, Chris and a few others I am probably gonna throw into the mix.
Rating: pg.13 for now
Summary: An actor looking to hide, a quaint cabin by a beautiful lake and an old ghost story.....
Warnings: Hmmmm, angst? Oh yeah angst with a little dash of Angst! You know me guys! But trust me, I havent let you down yet!
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither of these guys belong to me....I tried...but....they werent having any of it.
Beta: chrysrocks , seriously guys, she is amazing and I love how we can work together on parts of the story that need it.
Authors note: As usual I have to tell you how much [ profile] garvaldmains  and [ profile] kes1807  help me, they hold my hand, encourage, kick my ass and bully me until I stop whining and get writing. Thank you sometimes just doesnt feel like enough for these two.
Oh and at the end of this chapter there is an awesome new banner that Di made....its stunning and I love it!


chapter 3 )

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