Jun. 12th, 2009

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Title : Anniversary.
Complete and posted in three parts because of size.
Pairing: Jared/Chris , with appearances by Jensen Ackles as the most awesomest friend ever! And Misha Collins and mentions of the Leverage cast.
Wordcount: 11,710
Summary: Hmmmmm.....Ok [livejournal.com profile] billysgirl5  has this thing for this pairing and I promised her a fic, so her prompt was the two men in an established reationship, arguing over what to do for their anniversary. So I sat and thought and my mind ran away with it as usual and What I have come up with is this: Filming the new season is taking its toll on an already exhausted Jared, Jensen steps with the one solution he knows will help his friend.
Warnings: Ummmmmm....Ok all I will say is, trust me ok? I have never lied to you guys yet or led you wrong with warnings.....oh and angst....lots and lots of angst...
Massive thank you to my darling [livejournal.com profile] garvaldmains  who read over this and made it better. She also made this awesome banner!


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