Mar. 9th, 2009

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Title:Someone Elses Life
Chapter: 1/?
Wordcount: 2,528
Characters, Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Chad, Sandy, Chris, Steve/Sophia, Patrick Dempsey, Robert Wisdom, David Boreanez, mentions of Jared/omc; Jensen/ David .
Summary:Jared Padalecki is a young man living hand to mouth, trying to save the only two friends he has in the world. Jensen ackles is a man with a broken heart and dented pride, and enters Jareds life long enough to leave him with a drawing and a dream of what Jared could have had. When one of Jareds friends dies tragically, Jared is left with no choice but to run, and ends up living a life that isnt his, a life that he can never have. What happens when Jensen finds Jared living in the house meant for the fiance that broke his heart, and can they come to an arrangement that suits them both?
Warnings: Mentions of prostitution and drug use. But other than that, none yet really.
Authors note: Taken from a prompt by the lovely [ profile] imogen_lily  in which she envisioned a fic taken from 'Housesitter' I kinda have run with it and...hmmmm its not a comedy I will tell you that, we shared some ideas and this is what I have come up with. lol..... Also thank you to my gorgeous [ profile] garvaldmains  for the now vital support and encouragment.
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