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Title: Hazard
Chapter: 4/?
Author: Magser
Pairing: Jared/Jensen.
Summary: A town called Hazard, and two men who never stood a chance, not there....
Warning: I feel like I should warn you guys about this.... I uh.. well its not gonna be graphic or anything, but it's not gonna be nice either, and you're getting it as I write it, so I could get brave at anytime and write stuff I never thought I would...but things aren't pleasant for these boys, just keep that in mind... Oh and um.... If this was a death fic I would tell you....just bear with me and hopefully I can give you a good story to read...
Authors note: Just wanted to add that this story is inspired by the Richard Marx Song Hazard.
Thanks to all my msn friends both new and old, who gave me plenty of sugestions for me to go with!Love you all for that!

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