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Apr. 26th, 2020 02:40 am
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I have made an lj cut. It's late and I'm feeling a little upset that I've had to do this, so if you think I might have made a mistake then tel me here and I can add you back
The reason I made the cut is because I had such a huge flist and I wasnt seeing everybodies page and we had stopped talking or never talked at all, I dont mean to imply that I cut you because I think you are a hater, thats not my intention, I just needed to make a space where I could feel safe from the nonsense, so if you stillwant to be added back just tel me.
For people visiting this little place for the first time, let me just warn you about me....
I'm Irish.
I'm loud.
I swear....a lot...
I love my friends,
I love this crazy Supernatural Fandom, but I have had enough of the haters....and by that I mean people who cannot and will not respect the actors and their choices in wives/partners. I can no longer stomach anyone putting them down, as I have seen far too often. They are hard working talented actors, who time and again put their life on hold to show us fans how much we mean to them.....and I will not tolerate any bashing on anyones part again. This is why I made the cut. I dont want to browse my friends page and see what I saw today.
If you think you might want to get to know me a little better then I would love to have you here, add me and leave me a note here and I will probably add you back.
All I ask for is respect for me, my family , my friends and for the actors that make this wonderful show I'm obsessed with.
Otherwise, my fic journal is here and its open.
Have fun, and I wish you well.
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