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Title: Cheyenne
Chapter: 3/?
Characters: Jared, Jensen, Chris and a few others I am probably gonna throw into the mix.
Rating: pg.13 for now
Summary: An actor looking to hide, a quaint cabin by a beautiful lake and an old ghost story.....
Warnings: Hmmmm, angst? Oh yeah angst with a little dash of Angst! You know me guys! But trust me, I havent let you down yet!
Disclaimer: Unfortunately neither of these guys belong to me....I tried...but....they werent having any of it.
Beta: chrysrocks , seriously guys, she is amazing and I love how we can work together on parts of the story that need it.
Authors note: As usual I have to tell you how much [ profile] garvaldmains  and [ profile] kes1807  help me, they hold my hand, encourage, kick my ass and bully me until I stop whining and get writing. Thank you sometimes just doesnt feel like enough for these two.
Oh and at the end of this chapter there is an awesome new banner that Di made....its stunning and I love it!


Jensen had no idea why he was awake. He should have been exhausted. Hell he didn’t want to be awake, he wanted to use some of his time away to sleep in, and maybe even lay in bed all day if the mood struck him. The last thing he wanted was to be awake at the crack of dawn looking out the window of the cabin and staring at the spot where the man had been sitting so broken hearted the night before.

Jensen sighed and rubbed his eyes with one hand, clutching his morning coffee in the other. He had given up on sleep a half hour before and got up to watch the sun rise.  Now he stood in the middle of the kitchen, looking out the window that faced into the back yard of the cabin. He blinked and rubbed his eyes again, they were really itchy. He might have to skip his contacts and wear his glasses. He rubbed his eyes once more, and took a final glance out the window. He froze, unable to believe his eyes; the coffee cup shook in his hand as he stared open-mouthed into the yard.

Outside the window in the early morning sun, were two men, the two men from his dreams. They were laughing as the broad shouldered Irish man dug a hole in the ground, just a few feet from where one had already been dug. The younger man, Jared, sat on the ground watching as he worked. The window was closed but Jensen could hear their conversation as clearly as if they were standing next to him.

“Bill, why couldn’t you wait until I was strong enough to help?”

Bill grinned at his lover as he worked on the hole he was digging, “Sure you’re helping me, sure aren’t you gonna plant the trees for us? Anyway, we just got you up and out of the bed; I don’t want you getting worse now, do I. You’re too precious to me for that Jared; I almost lost you because of those people.”

Jared smiled reassuringly, Bill’s wide grin didn’t fool him one bit, “I’m ok Bill, I promise you. I know I’m still weak, but I will get stronger. Everything’s going to be ok.”

Bill dropped the shovel and walked over to Jared, he knelt on one knee and said earnestly, “Jared, I love you, I would die without you, and I promise, nothing is going to come between us here, nothing. It’s just you and me now ok?” He kissed Jared softly and his smile lit his face when Jared reached up with one hand and cupped his cheek.

“Yes I know, I love you too.  No more running, no more hiding, just you and me.”

They kissed softly once again before separating and Jared said, “No more bull riding?”

Bill’s face clouded over briefly before clearing, “No more riding, I promised you didn’t I?”

Jensen closed his eyes as Bill leaned in to kiss Jared’s lips again, and when he opened them the pair was gone. He gasped staring at the empty backyard, and its centre piece of two gorgeous trees with the patch of lush grass between them. The transition from the vision of the two men planting the trees to reality was shocking and he reached out to steady himself on the table. Who were they? They shared the most intense love that Jensen had ever witnessed.

 Jensen realized he was was more tired than he thought if he was spacing out like this. He either needed to go to bed and try for more sleep, or get cleaned up and get out for a while. Deciding quickly, he dropped the coffee cup into the sink and went for a shower, refusing to believe what he’d seen He would not admit that the man sobbing under those same trees the night before and Jared was one and the same.

He was going to go out for a while, maybe take a few more pictures.

Jensen let his grin split his face and the tension ease from his shoulders, he was going to town.


Three hours later Jensen was seated in front of a library computer looking through the pictures he had taken in town that morning and over the last day or so.  He had opted for the peace and quiet of the library over the noisy and crowded internet cafe he had passed. He wasn’t a snob; he just needed silence and privacy. Although going by the highly interested look on the face of the guy behind the desk opposite him he doubted he was going to have his privacy for much longer.

Jensen had just loaded the pictures from his memory card when the guy cleared his throat and grinned at him. Jensen tried to ignore him but he coughed and said, “Excuse me?” Jensen had no choice but to look up, he tried plastering his best celebrity polite distance look on his face.


“You’re Jensen Ackles aren’t you?”

Jensen groaned silently, one reason he’d kept away from the crowded cafe was in an attempt to avoid being recognised, and so he ran head on into a fan in the middle of the library. He sighed, not really that surprising the way his luck was running. Carefully maintaining his distant expression he said, “Yes I am.” with a small smile he turned back to the screen; his attempt to end the conversation failed.

“I’m Chad; I’ve seen some of the shows you’ve been on. You’re good.”

Chad grinned even wider; Jensen suppressed a sigh and returned the smile, “Thank you, it’s always nice to meet a fan.” He made another attempt to go back to what he’d been doing, but undaunted Chad hurried over to where Jensen sat, his hand outstretched.

“Can I just shake your hand? I do admire your work! Hey....did you take those? Great work man, those are good!”

Despite his longing to be left alone, Jensen couldn’t help feeling a swell of pride at the praise of his photography. He continued browsing to through the pictures as Chad leaned over his shoulder, pointing out landmarks and occasionally commenting on an odd bit of scenery. Jensen was surprised to realize he found the chatter relaxing and listened with interest as Chad chatted. Chad was a native of Cheyenne and was in his final year of college. He used the library to catch up on studying and projects whenever he got the chance. It was obvious he loved his home as he talked about the people and the scenery Jensen had captured so skilfully with the lens of his camera.  It wasn’t until Jensen came to the pictures of the cabin that the young man seemed to run out of things to say. He fell silent for a few moments as Jensen continued to scroll through the pictures.  

“You’re staying out at the cabin? The Padalecki cabin?” Chad finally inquired.

Jensen glanced at the young man and was unsurprised at the look of curiosity Chad’s face. He already knew the place had an odd attraction for the residents of Cheyenne, he nodded. “Yeah, I’ve leased it for a while; dunno how long I will be here. I like it; it’s out of the way and private.”

Chad’s gaze returned to the screen as Jensen slowly moved through the pictures of the inside of the cabin. They saw it at the same time, Jensen could tell by the sharp intake of breath behind him, just as Jensen leaned forward slightly to squint at the screen. They were looking at a picture of the sunlit bedroom, a sunbeam shone directly on the large bed in the tastefully furnished room.  The bed was the focal point, standing in the middle of the room with an antique dresser and a wardrobe along the walls on either side it. A throw rug in muted summer colours lay on the wooden floor at the foot of the bed. The sunbeam cast a canopy of light over the scene tingeing it gold. It was a stunning picture and one Jensen wouldn’t have hesitated to have enlarged and framed if it weren’t for one little thing.

Just to the left of the bedroom window was an odd blur, as if Jensen’s thumb had gotten on the way of the lens. Jensen was sure it hadn’t, he’d been taking pictures a long time and it had been years since he had his thumb in one. Chad reached over his shoulder and touched the screen where the glitch in the picture was, completely silent for the first time since he’d introduced himself.

 Sternly ignoring the niggling voice that had taken up residence in the back of his mind, Jensen quickly moved on to the next picture and his frown deepened as the pictures flew by. In every picture of that cabin, inside and outside in its immediate surroundings, the same glitch appeared. It wasn’t always to the left of the picture so he couldn’t blame a dirty lens or camera; it wasn’t his thumb, and so what the hell was it? He finally came to the last picture, one he had taken of the two trees that stood at the back of the cabin, and in the grass between them, was the same blur, but this time.....Jesus....he squinted even more and leaned forward again as Chad did the same......

“If I didn’t know any better I would think that there was something there, like there was someone behind that white thing?” Chad inhaled at Jensen’s comment and sat down heavily beside him, his look one of awe as he looked between the picture and Jensen.

“It’s him.....Jesus Christ’s him!”

“Who? I’m sorry man but I’m lost, who?”

Taking the mouse from Jensen, Chad flicked back through the photos, pointing out every blur that had appeared in them as he went. “See them? It’s him! It’s Jared, I’m sure of it! Jesus Christ, you’ve caught a ghost on camera! It’s Jared!”

Jensen stared in horror at Chad and shook his head, “No, I’m sorry, I really don’t know what you’ve been taking, but I think maybe you should stop. Cause dude it is seriously fucking with your head. It must some sort of fluke, a shadow image on the card or something,” realizing how stupid he sounded Jensen shut his mouth. He didn’t know what that was, but that did not make it a ghost.

“It isn’t. I think you know it too....some of these glitches are right in the centre of the picture, they are not all in the same spot every time. You caught something here. What I don’t understand is why?”

“Why what?”

“Why he let himself be captured on film! I have been out there a lot of times over the years and I took pictures but nothing like this ever happened.”

“Ok....I think I better go.....”  Pulling out the memory card, Jensen hurriedly shoved it into a side pocket of the camera bag and rising hastily he shouldered the bag and tried to get around Chad to leave, but Chad grabbed his arm and gave him a pleading look.

“Wait, please......I’ve been studying this ghost for years..... Everyone treats the story like a big joke, like it’s not real, but I know it is, I know it.”

“You really need to let me go now.....”

“You’ve seen him too haven’t you? Fuck, you have haven’t you!”

“No! No I haven’t and I swear to god if you don’t let me go this second......”

Chad released Jensen’s arm and apologised “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out, but I know you’ve seen him, I saw him once too, when I was a kid, I’ve been kinda obsessed with him since....he looked so...I dunno....lost, broken, sad? I just...I don’t know, I just wanted to help him I guess, I’ve just never known how and I never saw him again.”

Jensen shuffled his feet and took a step away as he regarded the sincere look in Chad’s blue eyes. “I’m sorry man, I can’t help you. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve got to go.”

When he moved that time, Chad made no effort to stop him and Jensen hurried away from the desk, not looking back.

“I’m here most days!”

Jensen stopped but didn’t look back and Chad continued,

“You know....if you change your mind and want to talk, I’m here most of the time and I know a bit about his story...Jared’s I mean. If you ever want to hear about it, I’m here. When you’re ready that is.”

Jensen didn’t speak, didn’t even acknowledge that he had heard Chad; he left the library as if it were on fire.


“You promised!”

He could feel anger and fear rolling off of the young man in waves.

“Jared....” The big Irish man reached out to touch him, love, and patience and sorrow in his voice, regret written in the lines of his body when Jared jerked away from his touch.

“No!” Jared shouted and Jensen heard the shift from anger to fear as his voice rose. “You promised Bill! No more rodeos, no more bull riding! You promised!”

“I know Jared, I know I did and I’m sorry, but I cannot turn this down. If I win this purse it will set us up and we won’t have to worry about money for a long time. Please understand.”

Jared shook his head and backed away from Bill’s outstretched arm, fear for his big beautiful Irishman making him angry and say things he didn’t mean.

“Until when Bill? ‘Till the next time someone waves a purse under your nose that you can’t turn down? Is that all that matters to you? Money? We agreed! No more danger, no more!”

“I have to Jared! You’re still recovering; you’re not strong enough to go back to your teaching yet. You almost died from that beating and we need money. I swear to you, it’s just until you get back on your feet and it’s only one ride. It will be ok. Please Jared....I love you, come on, come here....”

Jared turned and headed for the door, without looking back. He didn’t want to see the pleading he knew was in Bill’s eyes. He didn’t want to give in, the whole thing scared him. He was frightened a bull would take Bill away from him. Jared was frustrated that he couldn’t make Bill understand and he lashed out.

“If you do this....if you go to that rodeo Bill, then.....a bull might as well stamp on you ‘cause I don’t want you back here. I’m not doing this promised me and you lied. So go, if it means that much to you then go, ‘cause I don’t want you to come home”



Jensen woke with a start, his breathing heavy and his heart pounding in his chest. The grief and fear that gripped felt as real as his own emotions. He was lying on his side and staring at the wall unable to drive the memory of the dream from him. He was in the middle of the big bed and moonlight spilled through the window illuminating it with a softer light than that of the sunlight during the day. He buried his face into the pillow, cutting off the soft glow of the moon as he attempted to go back to sleep. He didn’t want to think about the dream or what it meant. The room was silent, perfectly still the only sound was his breathing, but a prickle of unease ran down his spine. He knew that feeling, his brother used to stare him awake when they were younger. His gaze had felt exactly like...Jensen’s eyes flew up and he sat up straight in bed, his heart thumping against his ribs with his panic. He looked around, there were deep shadows cast by the moonlight but there was no doubt he was alone. There was nothing there.

No one.

That was what his eyes told him, but they were wrong, something was there, someone was in the room. Jensen sensed the presence and knew it was real; his entire body tensed. Fighting the urge to freeze with terror, he lay down again and slowly turned over onto his back. He was careful to keep staring straight ahead as he tried to get a feel for what was in the room with him, and where it was. He took several deep breaths to steady himself as he summoned the courage to look.

This time his eyes did not fail him, and he felt as if his heart had stopped. Beside the bed, stood the most beautiful man Jensen had ever seen and his eyes were pleading. His hair was long and hung about his shoulders in an unruly wave.  He wore clothes in a style that no one had worn for at least a couple hundred years. A stray moonbeam struck his form, and he glowed softly. This could not be happening; he was as crazy as his nana.

He closed his eyes as the memory of his Nana’s voice and her words struck him for the first time since he had been a child.

“I can speak to spirits” she had told him. She had seemed so sincere, like she had believed every word she had spoken and her gaze so intense it had burned through him. “You can too. I feel it in you. Don’t be afraid of it Jensen. You don’t have to be afraid.” Of course he had been, as any young boy with sense would have been.

He was scared now, terrified.

 What was he supposed to do now? Trapped in a room with a ghost. He kept his eyes tightly shut and breathed. Not a ghost, he reassured himself. 

A joke.

 A hallucination.

 A trick of the light.

 Anything at all but a ghost, “please be gone....oh Jesus...please be gone....” he opened his eyes slowly, his breath caught in his throat and looked over again, and it was still there

“Help me........please.....” the apparition said, his voice soft and pleading as he looked at Jensen with tears pooling in his eyes, “please.”


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